Revolutionize Your Mine, Construction, and Industrial Logistics Management with IoT++

Cut through the complexities of managing your industrial logistic with a powerful and intuitive platform designed specifically for mining, construction, and other demanding industries. Logistics++ goes beyond basic GPS tracking, offering a comprehensive suite of features to transform your operations and drive bottom-line results.

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Advanced GPS Connectivity

Seamless integration with various GPS devices using cellular, LORA, and more protocols ensures reliable data transmission, even in remote locations.

Dynamic Geo-fencing

Define and monitor dynamic geo-fences for restricted areas, job sites, or equipment movement. Receive real-time alerts for unauthorized access or deviations, enhancing security and compliance.

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage real-time engine diagnostics and AI-powered anomaly detection to predict breakdowns before they occur, preventing costly downtime and ensuring equipment longevity.

Personalized Driver Coaching

Foster safer and more fuel-efficient driving with insights-based coaching, tailored to individual driver behavior.

Dynamic Dispatching

Optimize resource allocation with real-time data on driver availability, traffic conditions, and even driver skillsets for specific equipment types.

Data-Driven Decisions

Gain actionable insights from customizable dashboards and reports. Analyze trends in fuel consumption, driver behavior, and route performance to identify areas for improvement and optimize operations.

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Industry-Specific Solutions

Vehicle Maintenance Management

Schedule preventive maintenance, manage spare parts inventory, and automate purchase orders, keeping your logistics in top condition.

Construction Site Management

Track material deliveries, equipment movement, and resource allocation for efficient project execution.

Mining Operations Optimization

Monitor equipment health, optimize extraction processes, and track fuel consumption for enhanced productivity and cost control.

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Case Studies

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